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The Joy of Serving

There is a great need for people to serve in their community. Whether caring for the elderly, tutoring kids, or cleaning the neighborhood, there is no greater job than to help others. Let me ask a question. Would you be interested in serving more to those in the community?

Did you know that some of the happiest people are those that serve instead of taking? For that reason, we're committed to providing training and opporunities via community outreach. Would that interest you?

Where can your serve? Here are just a few to consider:

1. Tutoring or or working in the children's ministry

2. Assisting with the bi-monthly real-life workshops.

3. Distirbuting free jackets to kids during December.

4. Working inthe media (Tech) department.

5. Helping seniors in the community

6. Musician, singer, actors, etc.

7. Something else

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