How to Register?

The FREE backpack giveaway to 100 children. The backpacks include paper, pencils, and more.

How to be prepared:

  1. A child must be present and accompanied by an adult. No exceptions!
  2. Address: Shield of Faith 1127 North Lake Avenue Pasadena, CA 911
  3. Priority to those that register below.
  4. Line up begins at 10:30 AM at gate B.
  5. Date: August 14, 2021.
  6. Time: 11 AM - 2 PM.

How to Sponsor?

We have provided below three ways to sponsor the backpack giveaway. Would you please specify that the funds are to go to the free backpack giveaway when checking out? In addition, pictures and testimonies post the event.


Use mobile device to download app. Support using: $Sofpas

Vision: To win all of Southern California for Jesus

Mission: Train 350+ workers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and impact the community

Address: 1127 North Lake Avenue Pasadena, CA 91104. Ph: 626.791.2520