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Our mission is to train 350+ workers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to impact our community. To fulfill this vision we must provide on-going ministry training.

Partnership with Shield of Faith Pasadena involves a covenant relationship. As a partner, we are asking for your assistance to provide on-going training to equip and commission evangelism workers to minister throughout the city of Pasadena and surrounding cities.

As a church, we have committed to 1,000 hours to connect with the community. As of today, we have clocked in more than 200+ outreach hours. A number of workers will be assign to the mission field abroad. Your contribution helps us equip workers and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We commit to:


Thank you for partnering with us. Know that your support is reaching people and spreading the goospel of Jesus Christ. Together, we are going to make a difference in the lives of so many!

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Vision: To win all of Southern California for Jesus

Mission: Train 350+ workers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and impact the community