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Serve Day is a time to give back to the community. Are you looking for a place to serve? Here at Shield of Faith Pasadena, we have ministry positions available. Below is a list of the ministry openings. The openings have been chosen to reach and impact the community. Please complete form below and the ministry leader will contact you regarding information, training and the position(s) and orientation. Register now

Join many from the community as we celebrate a Thanksgiving dinner. Bring the entire family but please register so we can ensure enough food is provided.

Jacket Sunday: Restoration of the New Testament Church - The last days of the Church will be her greatest days! God has ordained a glorious destiny for the Church at this climatic hour. It is His will that the Church complete her assignment with a burst of power and victory culminating in the glorious rapture of the church, caught away to spend an eternity in the presence of Jesus Christ. This book will guide you through those corrective steps. Register now