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On many occasions we have been overwhelmed with request to financially help families during the passing of a love one. Some of our recipients have been children and families devastated by gang violence, sickness, etc., and many times the burden was placed on the church.

As a result, we have setup this page to help a family in need during a passing of a love one. Your contribution will be placed in a bereavement fund and distributed has deemed necessary.

When you give to the bereavement fund, the one-time gift will be placed in an account and can not be use on any church expenses except to aide a family in a difficult financial situation. All sponsorship is greatly appreciated.


**IMPORTANT: We encourage all members and non-members to have their insurance policy current because the church is not responsible for funeral expenses.

  What to do when a love one dies:  
  Who to Contact:  
  Family member(s) and/or friend(s) - Inform family members and friends regarding the death of your loved one.  
  Funeral Home -
  • Contact a funeral home of your choice.
  • If you do not have a funeral home in mind, you can find one in your area on
  Call Shield of Faith Church office  
  Call the Pastoral Care staff at (626) 791-2520, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. After 6 p.m. If no one answers leave information on voice mail.  
  The Bereaved Family is responsible for the following items below.  

Church Funeral Support Fees – The policy of Shield of Faith is never to charge tithing families for the use of the church for funerals. However, the family is expected to cover the church's related funeral expenses. Support fees will be discussed during the initial funeral planning and incurred based on the family's funeral services need. The following are the funeral support fees:

  • Eulogist/minister $150
  • Musician $100
  • Soloist $ 50 (Optional)
  • Custodian $75
  • Sound $200 (If the funeral is in the sanctuary)
  • Funeral Programs – Completed by the funeral home or the family.
  • Repast/Collation – The family is responsible for the cost if the deceased is a non-member or is not an immediate family member of a Shield of Faith. The following applies:
  • The cost of food will be on a per person basis.
  • All food items must be prepared in the church's kitchen by the Kitchen Ministry. This in compliance with the church insurance specifications. Food prepared outside will NOT be allowed at the repast. If an exception is to be granted, it must be reviewed and granted by the kitchen committee.
  What forms should I complete?  

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If I am a member, can my relative's funeral service be held at Shield of Faith?
YES, call the church office for more information.


Q. How do I inform the church of a death in my family?
Telephone the church at (626) 791-2520


Q. Who do I ask to speak with when I call the church office?
Ask to speak with the pastoral care staff.


Q. Can I have a funeral service in the sanctuary?
Yes, if the number of anticipated attendees do not exceed 300 people.


Q. What is the difference between a funeral service and a memorial service?
A funeral service is a gathering of family and friends with the decease's body present. At a memorial service the body is not present.


Q. Can the church provide names of funeral homes to the family?
Yes, we can provide the names some funeral homes in the area


Q. Is there a cost to have a funeral at Shield of Faith?
Yes, all funerals incur church related funeral expenses (i.e., eulogist, soloist, musician, custodian and sound are applicable). The policy of Shield of Faith is never to charge families for the use of the church facility for funerals. Repast/Collation expenses for the food if the deceased was not a church member or an immediate family member of a church member.


Q. Who selects the Shield of Faith minister to do the eulogy?
The Senior Pastor selects and/or approves the minister for the eulogy. Q. Can the family request a specific minister? Yes, however; the Senior Pastor has final approval.


Q. Can the family request a Minister from another church?
Yes, however the Senior Pastor and/or Associate Pastor must speak with the minister before final approval.


Q. Who selects the menu for the repast/collation?
The kitchen ministry selects the repast menu. All menu suggestions/requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.


Q. Can the family prepare/supply the food for the repast?
Yes. We encourage family members to assist the kitchen committed with food preparation.


Q. Does the church have a policy that prohibits cremation?
No, the church has no say regarding cremation if desired; the family must make the cremation arrangement with the funeral home.


Q. Will Shield of Faith support a funeral service at the funeral home or another church?
Yes, a minister will discuss with the family any needed support.


Q. Will Shield of Faith support a funeral service at the funeral home or another church?
Yes, a minister will discuss with the family any needed support.

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